For the machining of all zirconium oxides, PMMA, composite and PEEK

YELLOW LINE tools feature a special coating that ensures an extremely smooth surface finish and optimizes resistance
to wear.

YELLOW LINE tools were specifically designed to produce high-quality results when machining PMMA, COMPOSITES, PEEK, materials for occlusal splints, or when dry machining.
YELLOW LINE tools can also be used to machine zirconium oxide or in wet machining applications, making them extremely
versatile and perfectly suited for use with automation.

The long service life from the „diamond-like“ coating, combined with the versatility of this line results in an exceptional
price/performance ratio. Furthermore, these the YELLOW LINE tools can be combined with the SILVER and RED
LINES to further enhance machining applications.


When machining Composite, PEEK and PMMA, the inclination of the cutting edges of the milling tool and its coating are important details if you wish to dry-mill.The rule of thumb is: those who dry-mill see more!

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