For the machining of zirconium oxides

SILVER LINE tools are for the machining of unfired high-performance ceramics such as zirconium oxide and aluminium
oxide. These uncoated tools feature a special geometry and refined surface quality. SILVER LINE tools can be combined
with YELLOW LINE and RED LINE tools to enhance applications. Due to the polished cutting edges, a 0.3 mm
tool and single-flute cutters are also available for the machining of high-performance waxes.

Uncoated cutting blades shine with their special sharpness and are not rounded off by a coating. Thus, the tools can be
used very well in clearly presented areas. Even with sensitive zirconia, machining with only polished blades can provide
advantageous results. The SILVER LINE completes the extensive assortment for the material Zirkon with three different

Single-flute cutters for machining wax are also available.
The special geometry of the wax cutter offers a large chip
space and is particularly suitable for processing waxes for
the press ceramic.


Uncoated tools offer clear advantages. This enables us to off er a milling bit in the SILVERLINE with a cutting edge of just 0.3 mm! This tool can be combined with all other tools
and enables the machining of fissures or narrow cavities.

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