Industry standards
without limits!

The DC7 is a CAD/CAM machining centre for dental laboratories with industrial aspirations and desiring more efficient production.


Industry standards
without limits!

The DC7™ is a CAD/CAM machining centre for dental laboratories with industrial aspirations and desiring more efficient production.

For all those
who aim to go higher!

The DC7™ is a highly capable system for the larger laboratory desiring consistency in demanding production situations. The system also offers the user great comfort in terms of user-friendly management.
The modern control management is specifically designed for the system and the use of high-performance industrial CAM software. Information is presented clearly on a modern integrated touch screen. The DC7™ Allows modern laboratories entry into the superclass of dental milling with a manageable investment to secure their position with a competitive edge for many years.

Designed specifically
for the dental industry

The experience of the development team at Dental Concept Systems is reflected in the system design. The whole as a composition of the individual components put together in an elegant design and its resulting possibilities. Designed specifically for the dental industry, the DC7™`s compact design integrates the necessary components needed for successful processing, now and future applications. Our goal is to offer systems that remain relevant, are durable and offer a long term stable return on investment. We not only dream up new devices,
we offer solutions with our systems.

Strong for all materials

The DC7™ milling system was created by the development team at Dental Concept Systems for laboratories needing a heavy-duty production unit capable of automated milling with a focus on more rugged demands. The reinforced machine frame construction along with the heavy-duty industrial high clamping force spindle can be used even with demanding materials.
The DC7 ™ is able to mill, grind, drill and cut any millable material currently available in the dental market. The system also allows the use of more comprehensive Industrial standard CAM software.

Precise machine calibration

The DC7™ system features an automatic machine calibration that works independently and can be used in conjunction with automation. By using a measuring blank and a probe, the system automatically works in conjunction with the control management software and checks for the necessary precision. Consistent results, which are necessary for complex restorations can be guaranteed, allowing the user a safe overview of the accuracy of their DC7 ™.

Capable for the demanding

In addition to the normal range of dental processing options, the system can produce high-quality, sophisticated restorations to the highest standards. The safe production of implant superstructures and abutments allows dental laboratories a complete amortisation of their DC7 ™. Despite the great complexity of the DC7 ™ users quickly become experts in our Dental Academy and can safely use and expand the variety of new demands.

Abutment manufacturing in automation

The production of abutments can also be done by editing the pre-mill procedures in the DC7 ™. Due to the automatic machine calibration system, the workpiece holders are checked in automation to their precise position and targeted processing of the abutment bodies is secured. A clear advantage for safe production and consistent manufacturing quality which is especially important in the area of implantology. In the DC7 ™ abutments can be manufactured in all types of materials, wet or dry!

Exchangeable tool magazines

Due to the modern requirements for the production of abutments and implant superstructures more and more milling tools are needed.
The DC7 ™ milling system has an intelligent tool exchange system. The exchangeable tool magazines can accommodate 20 tools and are automatically recognized by the system. Pick-up sleeves installed on the tool magazines and stop rings are manufactured uniformly and therefore have a consistent level of precision.

Own control management

Dental Concept Systems has a control concept driven by in-house developers and continuously adapted to modern requirements. The device contains a modular split CNC industrial hardware control.
The DC7 ™ milling system has an integrated touch monitor and a computer system adapted from industrial standards. The control software is closely related to the CAM software, and enables full functionality, even for large-scale applications.

DC7™ workspace

The workspace of the DC7™ provides easy access to all relevant components: working table with a blank holder, spindle, tool magazine and disc changer as well as the automation arm. While processing the workpiece magazine moves into the rear wall of the machine to protect finished restorations and blanks from unnecessary contamination.
The shape of the interior allows a complete cleaning in just a few minutes, allowing production without long and unnecessary interruptions.

Dry and wet processing

All the components you would expect from a modern processing centre are integrated into the DC7™.
Among other things, an extensive fluid system for wet processing. Two independently operating systems enable the grinding of ceramic materials and the machining of titanium. This prevents the cross-contamination of ceramic grinding dust (that can reduce the service life of milling tools) and metallic residues (that get on ceramic frameworks to be veneered). DCS coolants can easily be diluted with distilled water as evaporation occurs.

Large setting angle

The DC7 ™ milling system is able to manufacture splints,
models and prostheses particularly well due to the large
angle of the Z axis. Deep cavities and undercuts can be
cut reliably. The disc changer is rugged and precise, able to
accurately determine optimal position utilizing on-board
automatic blank surveying. Due to the special design of
the debris tray, large quantities of debris and residual material
can be easily disposed of, even in wet operation.

Modern machine frame

The DC7™ milling system has a low resonance machine frame which is unique due to its special design.
Developed in a coral structure, the framework dissipates
vibration and allows a low weight machine design which is comparable in precision to industrial machines.
Special alloys used in the design of the frame and modern surveying technology display the experience and the devotion of Dental Concept Systems to precision and their desire to provide the best quality attainable.

In-house production
German engineering quality

In-house production
German engineering quality

All components integrated

The bottom compartment of the DC7™ houses not only
the suction system and fluid and material drawer, but
also the complete cooling and abrasive system. The system
includes two separate tanks and pumps with fine filters
which are installed in the bottom of the machine. All
the integrated components are used intelligently by the
control management.
Efficiency working on multiple levels in small spaces for
clean processing. Despite extensive use of coolants clean
production is easy to maintain.

The efficient system

The DC7 ™ system is energy efficient and kept clean by the
electronically controlled extraction at the milling object.
The device is simply connected to a 230-volt outlet and
secured with a commercial backup, or can be operated in
a normal laboratory environment.
The low power consumption and refillable fluid system
keep operating costs low for a unit of this caliber.

Machine comparison

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