For the machining of pure titanium and titanium

The geometry and coating of TURQUOISE LINE tools are specially tailored to the machining of titanium and enable
precise milling results when used in conjunction with Metall Coolant 014.
The main areas of use of the TURQUOISE LINE are high-quality milled surfaces without discolouration for implants,
supraconstructions, prefaces and abutments.
A special coating was specifically developed to ensure precise machining, long service life and alignment to the
material properties when wet machining titanium. The control software and CAM software both take into account,
the special geometry and angle of inclination of the cutting edges to deliver the best result.


Milling tools, used for titanium, may not be used for CoCr afterwards. The cutting edges of the tools change due to the properties of pure titanium and titanium alloys. Therefore: once a titanium milling bit – always a titanium milling bit!

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