Eagle Eye: The modern scanning system for the perfect combinationsl

The eagle eye™ scanner impresses with its precision, speed, longevity and huge range of functions for the complete spectrum of dental technology. The symbiosis between the high-quality hardware and the clear and user-friendly user software conceptSCAN™
enables a perfect digital preparation for further processing in the expertCAD™ (powered by exocad™) CAD software. 

3 colour spotlights
for each position

Colours are measured using red-green-blue light from exactly the same perspective to the recording camera. As a result, all colour gradients and contours on the objects being scanned can be displayed with high precision. The eagle eye™ colour spotlight system replaces the use of additional unnecessary cameras and the resulting scattering in the matching process for additional colour measurements.

Calibrated camera position

A highly accurately calibrated camera captures projected surfaces from a uniform angle. The resulting reduced data overlaps prevent deviations and unnecessary tolerances in the scan result. This significantly reduces data processing, as only one high-performance camera is able to provide all the necessary data. Thanks to precisely coordinated sensor strategies for all axis systems, exact results can be obtained for all indications, even the deepest undercuts.

Spotlight for working in
the surrounding area

The permanent 180° scan space opening makes it easy for the user to quickly insert objects during everyday work. While the scanner requires low light conditions, the user requires optimal light conditions to prepare the work outside the scanner. The eagle eye ™ has a special spotlight for this purpose

Automatic Z axis

The rotary-swivel unit automatically moves the scan object to the correct height. Thanks to the visual Z-axis control, the correct height for the object being scanned can be continuously calculated in the scanner. The status indicator at the bottom of the Z-axis indicates whether the device is ready for operation or if a prompt needs to be acknowledged.

Robust rotary-swivel unit

A strong rotary-swivel unit is a prerequisite for the use of base systems and coordinated model and object tables with higher weight. The traditional commercially available scanners in the dental market are oriented towards the weight of a fitted articulator, but the eagle eye ™ stands out with its powerful 3-axis rotary-swivel unit that can withstand long-term heavy loads for objects with a higher weight.

Scan times/quality
freely selectable

Of course, the eagle eye™ scanner can also produce full-arch scans in 4, 6 or 8 seconds. But at what price? Users of DCS systems are used to deciding the speed-quality ratio for themselves. That’s why the eagle eye™ can be used in various, freely selectable modes, and gives every user the choice of how accurately to scan and when to interpolate.

Safe telescopic workflow

The eagle eye™ scanning system is part of a complete process chain for producing telescopic restorations. Whether using telescopes, conical crowns or bar restorations, the user is guided through all the DCS system components. The reliably specified process enables clear operation of the scanner and milling system using all the relevant software components through coordinated user interfaces.

For every articulator

The large system plate of the eagle eye™ allows direct mounting of all reputable articulators and various base plates. Condylar scanning of articulated jaw models is possible for Amann Girrbach Artex™, Baumann™ Artist/arTO™,GAMMA™ Reference, SAM™ Axiosplit, WhipMix Denar™ and KaVo Protar™ articulators. Articulators from all other manufacturers can be scanned using average values.

Solid metal design

The eagle eye™ has a special reinforced design. The frame and housing are made entirely of metal and enable the rotary-swivel unit to run smoothly for high-precision recording. The weight resulting from the design and the high material quality guarantees a secure base during the scanning processes.

Standard longevity

DCS users expect their systems to be used for many years and value low-maintenance use. In addition to the high quality of the housing and electronics, the eagle eye™ can impress users through its regular modernization and updating of all software components. For direct operation at the scanner, push buttons are used instead of touch screens, among other things, in order to ensure safe operation, even with dirty hands or when wearing gloves

Accessories and
modules included

All inclusive – the eagle eye™ range includes all modules and a wide range of accessories and no longer needs to be purchased separately. The resulting purchase price transparency protects against unexpected surprises. There is a particular advantage when using holders for different articulators and special scanning objects.

in the DCS system

With conceptSCAN™, the eagle eye™ has unique scanning software that is fully compatible for use with DCS milling systems and is designed for stateof-the-art dental engineering. High speed and targeted software processes, including for implant-supported restorations, ensure a long-term amortisation benefit for the user

*ConceptSCAN™ in cooperation with smart optics™

In addition to the standardised guided procedure, the user can decide for themselves when which Sc restoration steps are performed using flexible and selectable scanning processes. Depending on the initial situation, the optimal scanning step can be selected without having to make any changes to the model to be scanned. The innovative conceptSCAN™ software enables a reliable variable work design with reduced workload in an uninterrupted workflow.

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