ZrO2 multilayering is a thing!

True Nature! Beauty included!

True Nature

The foundation of individual beauty.

Luxor Z Frame is created using the same production process
as True Nature, thus ensuring the same freedoms and reliability:

  • Luxor Z Frame is stable ( >1050 MPa pre-coloured and >1100 MPa in the white version), free of distortions and offers excellent edge stability – reworking becomes a breeze.
  • Give your own personal touch to your work – Luxor Z Frame Coat with all commercially available fired ceramics and stain and glaze compounds suitable for zirconium oxide.
  • Luxor Z Frame White is ideal for self-contained pre-colouring using dipping colours, giving you maximum control.
  • Luxor Z True Nature & Frame meet every requirement for your aesthetic CAD/CAM work with two variants of a product.

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