For the grinding of ceramic materials

The GREEN LINE`s thick-film diamond mounted points enable the secure machining of all glass ceramics commonly
available on the dental market and are also suitable for grinding new composite types and hybrid ceramics.

The different shapes and qualities enable versatile use in wet processing of the blocks. Special procedures in the CAM
software enables effective use in grinding ceramic materials and prevent damage to the restorations and brackets.

Only by coordinating the workpiece holders, materials and the various software systems are permanently successful results
to ensure.


The tools are designed for machining with the Ceramic Coolant 016 cooling lubricant or the cooling lubricant Univeral Coolant 018.
When working with water without cooling abrasive, damage to the milling systems due to corrosion occurs. The coolant supply to the spindle must always be aligned centrally on the grinding tool.


At Dental Concept Systems, we enhance the tool surface,
not just the tool head when grinding. However, many CAM systems only use modified milling strategies for grinding.
It pays to be in the right partnership here.

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