Milling Systems

Why DCS milling systems?

Reliable process

Consistent precision in all production steps!
The entire DCS machine concept ensures
consistently reliable high-quality milling results.


The modular design provides ease of use in
maintenance and servicing and sets a new standard.
Modules can be replaced on-site if required, meaning that processing can be continued as quickly as possible. Stay in full control!

Stable value

Unlike other systems in its class, the DCX™ is not designed to last merely for a warranty period or until investment is recouped. It is also designed to be sustainable.
All standard components will still be available in 25 years. The high-quality materials and the build of the machine are designed for durability. Many customers view the current DCS
machine as a high-quality investment to acquire a more comprehensive DCS solution that meets newly compiled requirements.

DCS systems

Focused on aesthetics, constant in quality, stable in value!

In the DCS milling machine family, the DCX™ is the “sassy one” because, despite its compact dimensions
and its amazingly affordable purchase price, it brings 100% industrial thinking to your laboratory.
The DCX™ is focussed on the precise, fast and reliable production of aesthetic pieces and corresponding interfaces from primarily softer materials.

Industry standards in the smallest of spaces

Dental Concept Systems has completed its range with the DC1™ and offers a basic device in the compact class of modern milling systems. The DC1™ allows dental laboratories of all sizes to be extremely competitive and offers dental technicians a smooth entry into CAD/CAM technology.

Industrial standards put together modularly

The DC3™ machine concept is a clear advantage for the modern user and allows for system customization throughout the lifetime. DC3™ systems can be purchased in the basic version and adapted to their needs, many years after purchase. Depending on the growing task areas and required production capacity, additional modules can be added later. A system which can grow with ever new dental requirements and thus ensures a lasting competitiveness.

Industry standards without limits!

The DC7™ is a CAD/CAM machining centre for dental laboratories with industrial aspirations and desiring more efficient production. Wrapped in a contemporary design, the DC7™ cleverly hides its industrial acumen and state-of-the-art technology in a sturdy, rigid frame designed for the modern laboratory. With integrated measurement in the workpiece automation, controllable extraction technology, self-contained machine calibration system and the ability to efficiently process all conventional dental materials, the DC7™ meets the requirements for comprehensive milling centres.

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