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Diverse and Open

The evolution of materials and tools provides dental technicians with ever greater challenges. Simultaneously, the constant demand for quality increases the expectation in terms of precision and material aesthetics.

Whether it is implant supported superstructures, complete crowns, veneers, or other modern restoration, it will require a dependable precision milling operation.

Dental Concept Systems offers you an open system and understandable methods through a wide range of milling processes and supplies in the laboratory.

A New type of wax blank specially developed for pressing lithium disilicate glass ceramics, prevents the dreaded reaction layer these ceramics are so well known for.

The new generation of milling blanks

DC Zircon translucency, the latest development in the Dental Concept Systems product family has the expected values of a monolithic high strength dental material while meeting the light optical properties of modern ceramics.

Dental Concept Systems strict quality criteria includes: an extensive analysis method for milling blanks - DC NP Expert, DC Titan G2 and DC Titan G5.

Concept Art stains

The ceramay concept Art fluorescing stains in paste form boast brilliance on veneering and milling ceramics and reignite their natural effect even under difficult lighting conditions in the oral environment.


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